[Microchip] Tuyển kỹ sư Thiết kế và Layout

 1. SRAM Design

Job Description and Responsibilities

- Design and verify embedded CMOS memories
- Perform transistors level circuit optimization for performance, power and area
- Perform block level and full chip level simulations using mixed-signal simulators
- Monte-Carlo simulation of CMOS memory key building blocks
- Memory failure bitmap generation and analysis

Key Competency/Skill Requirements

- Self-motivated and detail-oriented
- Knowledge of CMOS memory circuit design
- Programming languages: Perl, Shell script, Tcl, Makefile, SKILL
- Hands-on tools: Hspice, Finesim, Virtuoso
- Good understanding of NLDM and CCS/CCSN format

2. Layout

Job Description

- Responsible for cell layout, block level layout, macro planning and interconnect.
- Compact layout is essential.
- Working under designer’s supervision to keep schedule and quality intact.

Job Requirements

- 1+ year’s analog/memory layout experience
- BS or MS in Electrical Engineering. Semiconductor courses preferred
- Hands-on 5 years plus in Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Development
- Fluency in Unix, other programming language
- Fluency in mainstream CAD layout tools, skill works
- Fluency in Vietnamese, English, others are plus
- Professional ethic, team work
- No restriction to any country with Microchip’s presence
- Special skill in CAD system and IT is plus to support the layout team while the team size is small

CV send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Ms. Kim)