[Ampere Computing] Tuyển thực tập sinh Vi mạch và Hệ thống Nhúng

1/ Intern Software Engineer (8 vị trí)
Design, develop Bootloaders and Linux kernel services, device drivers, command/utilities, and applications for Ampere state-of-the-art 64-bit ARM System-On-Chips. Participate in chip and board bring-ups and implementation of development kits and reference design software.

2/ Intern ASIC Physical Design Engineer (2 vị trí)
Be responsible for ASIC physical design flow development and implementation in 28nm, 16nm FinFET and smaller process nodes.
The candidate will contribute to our flow development for high complexity SoC designs: exploring our current design flow and data structure; creating plan; developing/verifying the flow and documenting flow notes.
Working with UNIX environment, design flow, database and EDA reports/results to develop a graphically design report flow.

3/ Intern ASIC Design Verification Engineer (5 vị trí)
Verilog/Sytem Verilog, UVM
ARMv8, ARM Cortext M3, Crypto Engine, PKA, TRNG, PCIe 4, CCIX, AHBC, I2C, SPI, UART, MENET, GICv3.
Bus protocol: AXI 4, AXI Stream, ACE lite, AHBC, APB4.
Full-chip level simulation.

Final year Student in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Electronics Engineering/Telecommunication/Control and Automation Engineering of the Honor Program with Average Score from 7.0 points onwards.
Student from HCMC University of Technology, HCMC University of Science, HCMC University of Information Technology are advantage.
Good English communications skills, both verbal and writing
Self-learning skill, self-motivated

General Information about Intern Benefits
Provide Laptop for working
Salary of 4,000,000VND/month
Petrol subsidy of 660,000VND/month
Lunch provided
To be promoted to official staff at Ampere Computing after ending internship

Liên lạc: Ms Liên, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , MB: 0906673009