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Applied Micro Circuits Corporation is a global leader in computing and connectivity solutions for next-generation cloud infrastructure and data centers. AppliedMicro delivers silicon solutions that dramatically lower total cost of ownership.

With a strong heritage in innovation, and a clear commitment to energy efficiency, AppliedMicro is bringing breakthrough technology advances to telecommunications, data centers, enterprise and consumers. Our management team and employees are aggressively focused in executing the vision to realize a business breakout of a magnitude seldom seen in the semiconductor industry.

AppliedMicro’s corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California USA. Sales and Engineering offices are located throughout the world.

AppliedMicro Vietnam provides good compensation and benefit programs and working conditions:

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1. Intern Hardware Design Engineer (2 positions)

 Job Description

As a Hardware Design Engineer will be involved with the design and development of reference and validation hardware incorporating the latest PowerPC technology and State-of-the-art communication components from Applied Micro Circuits Corporation.

You will be responsible for solving a broad range of digital hardware problems while developing products. Your tasks include Digital or Analog circuit design, analysis, prototyping, testing, and documenting.


-  Work in a small team of engineers to design and develop digital/analog circuits for hardware products.

-  Evaluate and select digital/analog components based on performance, cost and feature tradeoffs.

-  Perform schematic capture and work with CAD engineers to do component placement and Printed Circuit Board layout.

-  Bring up and debug hardware.


-  Student in Electronics and Telecommunication Department of the Honor Program with Average score of 7.0 points onwards.

-  Knowledge of high speed I/O designs: PCIe, PCIX, DDR2, Gigabit Ethernet is preferred but not required.

-  Knowledge or experience with OrCAD schematic capture and Allegro PCB Design tools is a plus.

-  Good English communications skills, both verbal and writing.

2. Intern Software Engineer (4 positions)

Job Description

Design, develop Bootloaders and Linux kernel services, device drivers, command/utilities, and applications for AppliedMicro state-of-the-art 64-bit ARM System-On-Chips. Participate in chip and board bring-ups and implementation of development kits and reference design software.


-  Development and support of Linux bootloaders and kernels services to support various peripheral drivers (Ethernet, SATA, USB, PCIe, I2C/SPI, Wi-Fi/3G/LTE, etc.)

-  Development and support of Linux applications for our various Server grade and embedded reference designs such as Internet Compute/Acceleration server, Wireless Access Point/Router, Network Attached Storage, Security Gateways, etc.

-  Participation in cross-functional project teams encompassing different technical disciplines including CPU & SoC Design, pre- and post-silicon Validation, and Hardware Diagnostics

-  Support Field Applications Engineers to drive APM’s customers to production.

-  Provide Professional Services type software development for customers’ own designs including design reviews, system bring-up, Bootloader and kernel development and trouble shooting.


-  Student in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Electronics Engineering/Control and Automation Engineering of the Honor Program with Average Score from 7.0 points onwards

-  Proficient in C or C++ programming with basic understanding of assembly language.

-  Background in kernel programming, kernel services and device driver development

-  Background in microprocessor programming or x86/ARM processor programming

-  Capable of reading and understanding hardware schematics, interface specifications and creating software that interfaces with the hardware.

-  Good English communications skills, both verbal and writing

Additional skills:

Any of the following is highly desirable but not required:

-  Bootloader development such as U-boot, UEFI BIOS, etc.

-  Linux kernel and device driver Open source development, Ubuntu, Redhat, …

-  Working knowledge of other RTOS such as PSOS, VxWorks

-  Working knowledge of Linux system configuration, Java run-time, Hadoop, …

-  Working knowledge of microprocessor architectures (ARM, MIPS, PowerPC…)

-  Working knowledge of Server and/or Embedded real-time applications

-  Working knowledge of SATA, PCIe, USB, DDR, I2C, SPI, DDR3, Ethernet …)

3. Intern ASIC Physical Design Engineer (2 positions)

Job Description

-  Be responsible for ASIC physical design flow development and implementation in 28nm, 16nm FinFET and smaller process nodes.

-  The candidate will contribute to our flow development for high complexity SoC designs: exploring our current design flow and data structure; creating plan; developing/verifying the flow and documenting flow notes.

-  Working with UNIX environment, design flow, database and EDA reports/results to develop a graphically design report flow.


-  Completely build up flow to enhance design reports, design status, QoR tracking.


-  Student in Physics/Electronics/Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Honor Program with the Average score of 7.0 points on wards.

-  Have some basic working knowledge of Semiconductor devices, VLSI designs, ASIC design flow, etc.

-  Familiar with UNIX, C, Verilog and Office applications.

-  Good understanding on microprocessor, CPU-based architecture.

-  Good debugging, problem solving and presentation skills.

-  Good written and communication skill in English and Vietnamese

Additional skills

Any of the following is desirable but not required:

-  Working experience on Perl, Tcl, Shell scripting and Makefile.

-  Working experience on graphically Excel format, HTLM and web interface.

-  Working experience on EDA tools (Mentor, Cadence and Synopsys).

General Information about Intern Benefits

-          Provide Laptop for working

-          Salary of 3,000,000VND/month

-          Petrol subsidy of 660,000VND/month

-          Lunch provided

Deadline: 27 May 16