On the morning of May 16, 2015, the closing of the first stage of the 10th Annual International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia (abbreviated to AMO2015-UIT) was held by Faculty of Computer Engineering – University of Information Technology (UIT), Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNU – HCMC). This year’s competition had attracted 130 competitors, who are students, graduated students from 10 universities in Southern Vietnam.
The competition officially started at 8:30am. As a rule, candidates need to finish an exam in 120 minutes, including 30 multiple-choice questions in English.
Mr. Nguyen-Thanh-Sang – On behalf of organizers – was introducing the exam’s regulations before starting the test.
The competition took place in a serious and fair manner. This is a chance for competitors not only to review their knowledge of both micro-electronics and IC design, but also to share experience to be able to create a scientific community in the future for young people, who have had passion for this field in Vietnam.
Candidates were in the exam
At 2.00pm on the same day, competition organizers also conducted a ceremony to sum up AMO2015-UIT as well as award winners. Those attending the ceremony included Dr. Nguyen-Minh-Son (Dean of Faculty of Computer Engineering and also the head of AMO2015-UIT), Mr. Nguyen-Van-Toan (Head of Student Affairs, UIT and works as the deputy of the competition), and representatives of sponsor companies in Vietnam (namely eSilicon cooperation, ICDREC, AuViet Smart Solution, and ONE Corp.) and nearly 100 competitors that attended the competition.
Delegates and competitors attended the closing and award ceremony of AMO2015-UIT.
At the beginning, on behalf of AMO2015-UIT organizers, Mr. Nguyen-Thanh-Sang presented AMO2015-UIT’s final report and revealed list of competitors who passed the exam with more than seven right answers to receive a confirmation certificate of attending AMO2015 
Mr. Nguyen-Thanh-Sang was presenting AMO2015-UIT’s final report
Representatives of organizers, eSilicon cooperation and AUVIET Company were giving certificates to the competitors
Representatives of organizers, ICDREC and ONE Corp. were giving certificates to competitors 
Next is awarding the winners who achieved the first, the second, and the third prize of the competition.
   - The First Prize was awarded to Pham Quan Dung (Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, HCMC University of Technology – VNU HCMC).
   - The Second Prize was awarded to Nguyen Danh Hoai Lam (Faculty of Computer Engineering, University of Information Technology – VNU HCMC).
   - The Third Prize was awarded to Tran Huu Hung (Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, HCMC University of Technology and Education) and Ngo Tan Binh (Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, HCMC University of Technology – VNU HCMC).
(Note: detail results of the competition were shown in the attached file below)
Representatives of sponsor companies, Mr. Nguyen-Ha-Thanh (Director of ONE Corp.) and Mr. Tran-The-Quang (Director of AuViet Smart Solution) awarded the third winners
Mr. Nguyen-Van-Toan (deputy of the competition) and Mr. Ngo-Quang-Vinh (Vice Director of ICDREC) awarded the second winner.
Dr. Nguyen-Minh-Son (Head of the competition) and Ms. Nguyen-Thi-Bich-Thuy (Talent Acquisition Manager of eSlilicon Vietnam) awarded the first winner.
Competitor Pham-Quan-Dung - who achieved the first prize of AMO2015-UIT - was sharing his own experience.
In addition to achieve the first prize of AMO2015-UIT, Pham-Quan-Dung will also represent Vietnamese students to attend the international round of the competition in Armenia in the next October. After being awarded, Pham-Quan-Dung also shared his own experience during attending the competition as well as how he could achieve the first prize.
Mr. Ngo-Quang-Vinh (representative of sponsor companies) share opinions about the competition.  
Dr. Nguyen-Minh-Son (Head of AMO2015-UIT) gave memorial souvenirs to sponsor companies.
Dr. Nguyen-Minh-Son was summarizing and closing the competition.
The competition organizers would like to congratulate competitors who achieved the certificates, especially the third, the second and the first winners. It is to be wished that the first winner Pham-Quan-Dung will be well-prepared to attend the international round in Armenia and have a great performance. 
Representatives of organizers, sponsor companies, student collaborators and competitors were taking photos together.
See You Again at AMO2016-UIT.
By: Do Quang Huynh, Tran Hoang Loc, Nguyen Thanh Sang
Photos: Nguyen Thanh Hiep, Tutu’s photo